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International Trends in Library and Information Technology (ITLIT)

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Board of Editorial Advisors

Prof. M R Riswadkar

Dr. Ravindra Sharma, USA

Joao Botelho, USA

Adam Sofronijevic, Serbia

Alan Manifold, Australia

Dr. M D Lawrence

Nagabhushanam Chintha

Todd J Humble, USA

Prasanna Iyer

Mrs Neeta Kulkarni

Board of Editors
Dr S K Patil
Dr N B Dahibhate
Dr S N Singh
Dr Amita Pradhan
Dr Shashi Srivastava

Editor Co-ordinator
Dr S N Kulkarni

Executive Editor
Ajay Kulkarni (M.Tech.MS), USA

Technical Editor
Tejas Kulkarni

ISSN 2349-4026
updated on 10/06/2018

VOL.5-NO.1&2, 2018.
Review Article Special Issue


International Trends in Library and Information Technology (ITLIT) is a peer-reviewed International Journal that publishes papers describing various trends in research and development work in all aspects of library and information technology. Papers must be written in English although there are plans to publish papers in additional languages with abstracts in English. The submitted paper should not have been previously published or be under consideration for publication elsewhere. Currently, International Trends in Library and Information Technology (ITLIT) is published three times per year but will quickly move towards six issues per year to keep it more contemporary with the emerging trends in the field.

Aims and Scope:

ITLIT journal provides an international forum for the presentation of original papers and reviews on the latest trends in all aspects of Library and Information Technology, their application, and best practices around the globe. ITLIT covers all aspects of Library and Information Technology and is not limited to only theoretical, practical, and futurology studies.


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