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International Trends in Library and Information Technology (ITLIT)
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Volume 2(3) Sep-Dec 2015 ISSN 2349-4026
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Is there disconnect between Research in Science Laboratories and the Libraries?
   Research Mission
- A model for economic management of electronic resources in research libraries and information centres

- Saumen Adhikari

- Information Seeking in Present Digital Age by Biomedical Scientists in India

- Prabhat Ranjan, and Dr. Surya Nath Singh

- Building Quality Content on the Web

- Mrs. Neeta S. Kulkarni and Dr. S. N. Kulkarni

   A Day in the Library
Boston Public Library in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

The Boston Public Library contains roughly 23 million items, making it the second-largest public library in the US. The library is known for its incredible courtyard, Italian-inspired architecture, entrance atrium, and its quintessential library reading room: Bates Hall. The Bates Hall of the library is named after Joshua Bates, the library's first benefactor. In 1852, Bates agree to donate a large sum to the building of the library with a few conditions: that the building would be an ornament to the city and that it be perfectly free for everyone.


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Information Leads Knowledge...We Lead Information...

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